Our Vision

Our Vision

Built By Haitians, For Haitians

Our goal is to establish a working plantain farm in the community of Dumas, located in Northeastern Haiti. This farm will provide full and part-time jobs and food for the local people, as well as for the country‚Äôs larger markets and those in neighboring islands. 

The second phase of our vision is to establish a medical clinic, a community center, and an after-school program offering tutoring as well as Bible study- all much needed in this country! 

Our project model will provide training, knowledge, and skills which we believe are key to restoring dignity, family sustainability, and most importantly hope. All too often the people of Haiti feel forgotten. We want them to know that there is hope, and we believe that God has given us a plan to accomplish this. As Christians, we want this place to bless the people of Haiti and honor Him by putting the teachings and principles of Jesus at its center. 

It is with great humility that we ask you to join us in Planting Hope in Haiti. Consider donating today to become a part of our dream!
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